Using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

This introduction has been contributed by Debra Dalgleish, Excel MVP.
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What is a Pivot Table?

A pivot table creates an interactive summary from many records.

For example, you may have hundreds of invoice entries in a list on your worksheet.

A pivot table can quickly total the invoices by customer, product or date.

Pivot Table Data

Before you create a Pivot Table or Pivot Chart, organize your data in a table that Excel can understand.

  1. Use Headings: As in this example, the first row must have headings. Use a different heading for each column.
  2. Keep It Together: Keep all the data together — don’t include any completely blank rows or columns in the table.
  3. Isolate It: Leave at least one blank row and one blank column between the data table and any other information on the worksheet.
  4. Create a Named Table: To make it easy to maintain your pivot table, and ensure that new data is included when you update, format the source data as a Named Table.

Create a Pivot Table

Many web sites give instructions for creating a pivot table. (See Pivot Table and Pivot Chart Links).

Create a blank pivot table by clicking a command on the Ribbon.

Click another command and Excel will even recommend a few layouts, based on your data.

Excel shows a preview of a few recommended pivot tables.

After the pivot table is built, Excel displays a task pane summarizing the data in the pivot table.

You can easily rearrange the information in the pivot table by checking the boxes and dragging the buttons to a new position.

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