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Jon PeltierHello, I’m Jon Peltier, of Peltier Technical Services. I’ve been a full time Excel developer since 2004, and part-time since about 1995, combining Excel’s worksheet functionality and charting capabilities with its powerful VBA programming environment to produce solutions in engineering, finance, and marketing. With VBA and Visual Basic, Excel can be integrated with PowerPoint, Word, and other applications to supplement its analysis and reporting capabilities.

I am a metallurgist by training, with a Doctor of Science degree from MIT. I have over 20 years experience in research and development, and more recently in manufacturing and production support, in the aerospace, automotive, and industrial parts industries. My background includes Statistics, Total Quality, and Six Sigma. I first got involved with computers in grad school, using tiny desktop computers to control mechanical testing equipment, to monitor tests and collect data, and to chart results. Back in those days, you programmed a plotter to draw your chart for you. It was up to you to compute axis scales, move the pen to computed points, draw markers and labels. Applied algebra, I guess.

I started using Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite as part of my job: doing research, analyzing data, and writing reports. But I soon became obsessed with all things Excel, first with formulas, then with XLM (no, not XML!), and finally with VBA. I was awarded as a Microsoft Excel MVP in 2001, and reawarded every year since.

I’ve put together an extensive web site and blog (http://peltiertech.com/), which emphasize Excel charting and programming. Many of the tutorials and examples are techniques for achieving charting effects that, at first glance, seem impossible. I am active in Microsoft’s online help forums and in other online forums, such as Mr. Excel. I can be reached at jon@peltiertech.com.


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