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Information for Resellers of Peltier Tech Chart Add-Ins for Excel

Peltier Technical Services works with software resellers, with reservations. There are a number of reasons usually stated for using resellers: an expanded sales force, exposure to broader markets, increased automation of transactions, reduced paperwork and related costs, and improved customer service. None of these factors have ever been demonstrated for our business. Because some customers are obliged by their purchasing departments to use software resellers, however, Peltier Tech honors sales through resellers.

Working through resellers increases our costs of sales, so we do not generally grant special discounts to resellers. However, resellers can contact me to receive a coupon code for a 5% discounted base price. This coupon code is good only on credit card purchases made through the Peltier Tech web site at Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0. Bulk discounts are applied on top of the reseller discount.

For orders of more than $500, I am willing to work with purchase orders, and the price will be the same as the retail price less bulk discount, and my invoices carry the terms "payable upon receipt". For orders above $1000, I will be able to meet or beat the reseller + bulk discount.

To ensure adequate customer support, you should forward to me the name and email of the end user (the reseller's customer), or in the case of bulk licenses, the name and email of a contact at the customer's workplace.

Contact Peltier Tech to obtain quotes and to place orders.



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