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Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0

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Click on the Peltier Tech icon on the left of the Peltier Tech ribbon tab, and read the build number on the About screen that pops up.

About the Peltier Tech Charts for Excel

If your build number is outdated, contact Peltier Tech for a link to the new version.

Peltier Tech Charts for Excel Version History

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If you encounter a bug, or if you have an idea for a killer feature, contact Peltier Tech and tell us about it. If submitting a bug report, please include your versions of Excel and Windows and the exact error description (since the error numbers may be assigned to many issues), and if possible please provide the data you were using when the bug appeared and any intermediate output of the utility.

About Peltier Tech

Peltier Technical Services offers a variety of useful, easy-to-use, and guaranteed utilities. Peltier Tech offers rapid, personalized customer service in case there are any problems or questions.

Peltier Tech Charts for Excel is integrated into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software as a standard Excel add-in. When installed the utility provides buttons on the Excel menu or ribbon that allow you to select a regular worksheet range and create a specialized and customized Excel chart.

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