John Walkenbach’s Lime Crop

Excel author extroardinaire and amateur banjoist John Walkenbach describes this year’s Lime Crop this weekend in The J-Walk Blog. I’ve reproduced John’s chart below.

Bar Chart of John Walkenbach's 2009 Lime Crop

In a completely unwarranted statement, John snidely wondered how long until I criticized his chart.

Man. How did I deserve that… Oh, yeah.

Well, he asked for it.

Here’s what I did like about John’s chart:

  • He used PNG format for the image file.
  • The chart clearly shows most of the data.
  • The use of lime graphics was not overboard, in fact, one lime per lime is an appropriate  scaling factor.

Here’s where John’s chart needs improvement:

  • His ink to data ratio is way too high: look at that distracting shadow.
  • His vertical axis title is tilted 90°, making it hard to read.
  • The zero limes harvested in 2007 and 2008 are not clearly shown.
  • Time series data is usually more effective on a line chart.

I’ve made the appropriate changes in the following chart.

Line Chart of John Walkenbach's 2009 Lime Crop

I guess we should call this a Lime Chart.


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