Peltier Tech Charts for Excel – Demo Version

I’ve finally finished a demo version of Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0. This trial version will allow potential users to try the software before they buy a license.

Waterfall Chart

In 2008 I launched my first commercial Excel add-in, Peltier Tech Waterfall Chart Utility. All it did was make waterfall charts. Over the years I made improvements and enhancements to the waterfall chart utility, and I introduced (and improved and enhanced) other chart types. In 2013 I merged them together into Peltier Tech Chart Utility 2.00, and added a bunch of other chart-related features. In 2015 I released a major upgrade, Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0, which extended compatibility to Excel 2016 (including Office 365), allowed the same add-in to be used on Mac and Windows computers, and added features and improvements.

In Excel 2016, by the way, Microsoft has finally introduced their own Waterfall Chart as a built-in chart type, but mine is way better, with more options and features.

All this sounds great, but people want to actually try something before they spend their hard-earned cash. So the demo will have all of the features of the Advanced Edition of the software, and it will work for 15 days after installation. There will be a minimum of notices about the demo status of the software, because those suck.

Of course, making a demo is a huge undertaking. I have to make sure it shows off all the features of the software, but only for a limited time, so I can stay in business. So my demo is actually a beta test of a demo. I need some feedback from serious potential users so I can assess the effectiveness of the demo.

Here’s how it will work. The first 15 people who comment below with their email address will get a return email containing a link to the demo. The link will only work once for each user, so don’t go sharing it. I’ll remove your email address from your post as soon as I respond so you won’t risk getting spammed.

I would like these testers to install the demo, test it out, and give me feedback, both about the regular features and about the way the demo works. I’m interested in the answers to questions like these:

  • Does being a demo limit the features in ways I hadn’t noticed?
  • Does the demo expire when expected?
  • Are the notices helpful and not bothersome?

In exchange for this vital feedback, I will offer a $20 discount to these testers, so they will be able to purchase an Advanced license for the price of the Standard.

Edit 1

I’ve got the fifteen volunteers to test out the demo. After I get some feedback from these good folks, I’ll make the demo generally available.

Edit 2

I’ve gotten some great feedback, suggestions, and bug reports; most of this relates to the program itself, not the demo version. I’ve been working furiously to fix bugs and implement other enhancements. Stay tuned.


Peltier Tech Charts for Excel

Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0