Peltier Tech Blog Comment Policy

I enjoy the interactions that arise on the Peltier Tech Blog and I welcome comments from my readers. To ensure that comments enhance the PTS Blog, I follow these guidelines regarding comments.

General Statement About Comments

The Peltier Tech Blog is my blog, and I maintain it in a manner that is professional, courteous, friendly, and honest. I reserve the right to edit, censor, delete, and if necessary block comments in order to maintain the atmosphere of this blog.

You as commenter are responsible for your words. They are yours and do not reflect my opinions, even if I retain them on the Peltier Tech Blog. By submitting a comment on the Peltier Tech Blog, you agree that the comment content is your own, and to hold the Peltier Tech Blog, Peltier Technical Services Inc, and all subsidiaries and representatives harmless from any and all repercussions, damages, or liability. By posting your comments to the Peltier Tech Blog you agree to the terms of this policy, and you grant me the right, in perpetuity, to use, alter, display, and delete them as I see fit.

Comment Moderation

All comments, trackbacks, and pings submitted to the Peltier Tech Blog are held for moderation. The purpose of moderation is twofold: first it allows me to filter out spam and other inappropriate comments, second it allows me and forces me to read all comments. I review and approve these comments as soon as possible, so if your words of wisdom do not instantly appear, be patient, and be assured that I will see it soon.

Unacceptable Comments

Comments to the Peltier Tech Blog may be edited or deleted at any time for any reason. Among the reasons for editing or deleting comments: spam, impersonation, plagiarism, copyright infringement, tone or language, excessive length, relevance, truthfulness. Although I am moderating comments, I am not responsible if a comment violating any of these conditions is not rejected.

Editing Comments

I reserve the right to edit any comments submitted to this site. I am not a copy editor, though I may choose to correct a typgraphical error to preserve the meaning and professionalism of the comment. If multiple closely related comments arrive from the same individual, I may combine them. If a post is of excessive length or rambles, I may edit it to a reasonable length. In any case, I will take great pains to retain the meaning of your comment.

If you post a link to an image file on another server, I may copy the image to my own site and include it in image tags directly in your comment, to preserve the flow of the comment thread.

If you wish me to delete a comment or remove an image file that I’ve copied onto my site, please send me an email clearly identifying your comment and yourself (using the email address that you used to leave the comment).

Linking in Comments

I accept a reasonable amount of linking to yourself and elsewhere in your comments. I will remove inappropriate links and I may modify URLs and anchor text of acceptable links. I am contemplating a policy that does not add the nofollow attribute by default, but I may selectively use this attribute.

Name, Email Address, Web Site

I prefer that you use your actual name, but I understand that some people prefer a nickname or pseudonym. I do not accept “names” that consist of search terms. I will never publicize or share your email address, sign you up for any mailings or newsletters, or use your email for commercial purposes. I encourage you to use a valid email address in case I want to contact you for clarification or other informal communication. Feel free to leave an URL to your web site or blog, but any inappropriate URLs will be deleted. I am not responsible for personal information in the body of the comment.


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