Pardon the Interruption

I’ve had an unintentional holiday from posting, partly due to overloading with client work, and partly due to continued fixing up of my New Computer. It’s usually fun and exciting to get a new computer, but when you have to do most of the setup without access to your old computer, it takes much longer to install all of your favorite programs and optimize all of your settings.

Here are a couple short items of interest, so I don’t feel too guilty about not writing.

Office 2010 Technical Preview/Beta

The big news of the week, in case you just crawled out of your cave, is that Microsoft has finally released the Office 2010 Beta. There is a lot of happy noise surrounding this release, both from Microsoft and from a bazillion other places. Some of these other places are just rehashing the MS press release, but some actually seem to have looked at and tried out the beta.

I haven’t had time yet to install the beta. The old computer that I had to replace last week is now inexplicably working. Nobody who has touched the machine remembers doing anything that would have made any improvement, so maybe the computer needed a break. Well, break’s over, and ready or not it’s getting the 2010 Beta this weekend.

I’ll be testing the Beta, which has the same installed version of Office as the Technical Preview, but the Beta program includes a means to report bugs and make suggestions, nyah-nyah. An interesting break from the past is that Microsoft has decided since the Technical Preview has the same client apps that the Beta testers receive, it counts as being released to the public, and is not subject to NDA. So I might be able to write some interesting articles about it.

Stay tuned.

50 Google Charts Tricks.

If you’re tired of hearing about Excel, or if you just need something to read while you wait for me to start writing again, you can check out this post, which contains a categorized list of links related to Google Charts. I’ve only looked at a couple so far, but if this web thing truly is the wave of the future, then web apps is where it’s at, and we’ll see a real competition between Google and Microsoft over spreadsheets, in fact, all manner of documents, and data presentation.


Peltier Tech Charts for Excel

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