Links for September 12, 2008

A promise kept
Utah children live their father’s dream of seeing Red Sox play at Fenway

Just when you think the world is full of cynicism and evil politicians, you come across a story like this. Sometimes people can rise to the occasion.

Robert Kosara of EagerEyes looks at variations of Square Pie Charts in Engaging Readers with Square Pie/Waffle Charts. I disagree with the assertion that square pies are not distorting of data, but the other charts shown here manage not to distort the data excessively while still being interesting.

Chandoo makes the link list again, this time with Hack together a Gauge Chart in Excel without sweat. I once had a Speedometer Chart tutorial on my site, which I pulled down for the reasons outlined in the replacement page at that URL. Chandoo’s post evoked the same discussions about inappropriate chart types. I think our friend Chandoo was just poking at us with a stick! By the way, Chandoo, you don’t need two separate charts:

Gauge for Chandoo

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m running out of excuses. From the The team blog for Microsoft Excel and Excel Services (the “Official” Excel blog from Microsoft) comes the announcement of New Online Training Courses for Excel Services. I’ll have to check them out, see what Excel Services is all about.


Jorge Camoes puts it all in perspective with The Best Pie Charts Come From Germany.

The familiar logo at left won the Best Pie Chart Award. It’s style is “clean and balanced. Your perception may not be great at comparing angles, but who cares?”

Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia has this entry on our favorite topic, the Pie Chart. I encourage all to read it, learn from it, and apply its lessons every day. Thanks to Jorge for the link.

Pie Chart

And before I forget, Happy Birthday, Dad!

Peltier Tech Chart Utility

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